ACM (ACER Cold War Museum) is a collection in the making of Cold War artifacts, history and stories.The most unique part of our EXPERIENCE is that you, the member, get to “Live the History” by flying and interacting with vintage ColdWar aircraft and vehicles.

Members Flying and Interacting with our Vintage Coldwar Aircraft Collection


Membership Activities

Membership has its privileges!  As a member in ACM you have the option of booking a flight. Your trip can start the moment you step out your front door, as we have many different flight experiences.  An ACM personalized flight will give you or someone special, a high-altitude, fast paced experience. Choose from an exciting range of flight profiles, from a straight flight to some aerobatics, all the way to a formation aerobatic flight. We tailor the flight for you.

For those of us that choose to be on the ground looking up, our Collection has all manner of activities for you.  From maintaining our aircraft, ground schools, and finally, helping to educate others as to the similarities between the communist equipment and our own NATO equipment.

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  • Arthur N:

    It was an experience I wil...

    Arthur N:

    It was an experience I will never forget.Saturday, November-12- 16 Some weeks ago I was reading an article in the Alliston newspaper about the Acer Cold War Museum.  I was intrigued by the fact that they offered flights to paying customers in former trainer jet fighters.  I thought, “ I have to do this”.  So I got on the phone and called. Michael Bourget answered and he explained the whole process to me.  He also mentioned that they did formation flying which requires 2 planes and of course, another passenger.  I was hooked, as I had the perfect person that I wanted to take.  There was a time interval of about 4 weeks before we would actually fly.  Time enough for all my children, relatives and friends to tell me that I was nuts. Needless to say, my confidence was waning fast.  This is where Michael came in to explain to me that we only needed to be as radical as I wanted to be.  If I just wanted to cruise that would be fine.  I did let it slip out that I wanted to do a rollover.(Everyone again saying, “Are you crazy?”) .  By this time I was committed as I had paid my money and we were going, no matter what.  The day finally arrived and I was up very early getting mentally prepared.  My friend was probably even more anxious but we had said we were going and were not turning back.  We arrived at the airport and after some delays which are something you have to get used to as there is a lot to get into place so that you can have a safe flight, we were in the planes and in the air soaring 2000 feet off the ground.  We did some formation flying; I managed to survive 2 rollovers, some maneuvers and even got to fly the plane briefly.  It was the fastest 30 minutes of my life.  It was spectacular.  I was so busy enjoying the experience I forgot to look for my house down below.  When we were back on land I said to Mike that I’d had a lot worse ferry rides than in his jet.  My friend who I know was really worried about this trip was ready to go again.  To all 3 Mikes, Peter and Michele thank you for being so engaging, informative, considerate and fun to be with.It was an experience I will never forget.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Arthur N.

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